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EVE – it’s all about Women’s Wellbeing

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What is EVE?

After the success of our Summer EVE we are running another Free event.

This is 24 hours for you. Esther Barret and I will be running it and weaving in a combination of useful information, tips, and techniques, sharing sessions, coaching, and more. You will have time to reflect, to focus on your strengths and you will have the opportunity to think about what really matters to you.

We meet at lunchtime on Saturday 30th October and spend the afternoon and an optional couple of hours in the evening together. We then meet for a few hours on the Sunday morning and say goodbye at lunchtime.

Here is some Fabulous Feedback

Feedback from one of the participants

More Fabulous Feedback

“EVE online was a great way to share tips for wellbeing and learn new things.”

“The two days were an excellent opportunity to reflect on past experiences and identify my goals for the immediate future. Care and consideration were provided for all participants, giving people the opportunity to consider new ways of moving forward. Thank you.”

“I really enjoyed the EVE workshop with Alyson. It gave me some new tools and tips on making some changes in my life, as well as plenty of time to reflect. Alyson managed our group very calmly and effectively, ensuring everyone was heard and supported. I also enjoyed the mini qi gong and meditation elements which made for a varied and relaxing 24 session.”

“I really enjoyed the August 2021 EVE workshop. The programme was interesting and stimulating and it was great to meet other women, albeit online. I learned a lot. Prompted to identify our dreams, for me, one came to the fore that had been a vague wish for years. Within a day of the EVE workshop, I had taken the first decisive step to turn that dream into reality. My grateful thanks to course leader Alyson Jenkins.”

“I did not really know what to expect from EVE, but the timing of it seemed perfect for me, so I participated with a sense of faith that I would benefit from it, and I did.  It was a wonderful refresher in self-care, with the participants sharing their own wisdom as well as receiving new learning from the facilitators: a reminder that we are all knowledgeable, skilled, and able to offer support to each other, as well as to ourselves.  Thank you so much!  I hope to participate again in future.”

You can join us for a 24 hour EVE event too – visit the website to book!

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