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About Me

My experience of working with people over many years is what motivates me to work with and support you on your journey. I know that transformation is possible as we learn new ways of thinking and acting, as we heal and recover.

I have a wealth of experience which enables me to have insights into different situations and contexts. Roles include – teaching and developing courses in adult education, leading and managing projects, research and evaluation,  community arts, environmental education, and of course coaching.

I have worked online a great deal. I taught online at a University in Canada and this experience has helped me work remotely with individual clients and groups.

I am a Welsh speaker and happy to conduct all coaching in Welsh or bilingually.

Trained educator, coach & more

  • Accredited ILM Executive Coach (level 7)
  • Certificated ADHD Coach
  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Coach
  • PhD in Adult Education and Learning
  • I am experienced at working remotely, using different technologies to connect.

My Experience and Approach

I struggled for many years with the legacy of childhood experiences (CPTSD), and I used alcohol and other substances. Life was difficult.  One day I decided I wanted to, I had to change; I didn’t want to live like that anymore – lurching from crisis to crisis, miserable, isolated.

I didn’t know what to do at that stage, but I found my way along, bit by bit, day by day, using tools and techniques, and learning from the knowledge, love, support, and wisdom of others.

I had to dismantle the shell I’d built that kept me isolated. I am glad I made the change – you will be too.

Learning and Perspective Change

Recovery and change don’t have to be slow and painful. Coaching will help you discover what’s holding you back, and you’ll come to realise the resources and strengths that you already possess so that you can cope more easily with life and learn to enjoy it!

Presence and Partnership

Coaching is a partnership, it’s a conversation where we work together in a trust-based relationship, focusing on what you want to achieve.

I have a meditation practice and attend silent retreats so that I can be present for you.

I will share perspectives and simple, practical techniques with you that will enable you to live a fuller, happier life.

I integrate NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Somatic Coaching/embodiement into my work as appropriate.

Coaching services