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Hello, I’m Alyson, I can be your coach companion as you learn new ways of thinking and acting, as you explore your potential and the possibilities for your future.

About Me Cymraeg

Whatever you are struggling with – childhood trauma,  addictions, or ADHD, contact me for a chat to find out what coaching involves and can lead to.

I have been on a recovery journey for over 20 years and have worked with and supported many people – mentoring, sponsoring, teaching, training, and coaching.

My approach encompasses knowledge and practices from different areas – it is a head, heart, and gut approach, it’s integrated and holistic.

I coach with heart and backbone to support, motivate and inspire you. Developing self-compassion, courage, and connection are ingredients in the recovery mix.

About me

I Offer Coaching For…

ComplexPTSD Recovery

(Crappy Childhood Recovery)

I in 5 of us have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) whether we know it or not.

If your childhood was one of emotional neglect, humiliation, and violence, for example, you might be struggling inside.  The effects of our experiences and the symptoms of CPTSD come with us into all areas of our lives – the workplace and our relationships. It can, at times, create havoc.

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Alcohol Recovery

Are you struggling with addictive behaviours? Do you use alcohol to numb feelings and emotions?

Coaching can help whether you are just recognising the issue or you have been on a recovery journey, but are struggling.  My 20 years of recovery have enabled me to support many people, and I can coach you as you learn how to live differently.

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ADHD Coaching

Certificated ADHD Coach

You could be struggling with a range of issues such as – executive function, managing your home,  need help with your career, setting up a business and need to focus. Whatever it is coaching can help.

You will learn to develop strategies and have tools to help you keep motivated,  maintain focus and manage emotions.

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Complex PTSD Recovery

CPTSD is related to but is not PTSD which is the result of one or a few very traumatic events. CPTSD is the result of repeated trauma in childhood (usually between the ages of 0 – 15). It can be emotional neglect, humiliation, bullying, disrupted attachment, anger, violence, or witnessing violence for example. The trauma is experienced repeatedly, usually over prolonged periods of time.

Don’t let your childhood hold you back. You can recover – You can become whole and happy.

Coaching services

Some symptoms of CPTSD

  1. You can’t relax.
  2. You have a bad self-image.
  3. You are drawn to people who are emotionally unavailable.
  4. You have difficulty controlling your emotions.
  5. You isolate and dissociate because you find other people difficult.
  6. You have constant feelings of emptiness or hopelessness – even if you are successful.
  7. You indulge in destructive or risky behaviour, such as self-harmalcohol misuse or drug abuse.
  8. You are prone to workaholism, to keep busy to escape from yourself.
  9. Things are going well and then you run away or sabotage yourself.
  10. You rarely feel safe, you feel that something awful might happen at any minute, and so you’re hypervigilant.

I offer one to one coaching for women and run event for women – online and live ones. They are based on Wellbeing and coaching principles; they are informal, interactive, and enjoyable.

See the EVE page and get in touch to find out more.

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