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“Coaching for clarity, confidence, and motivation, so that you can thrive in your professional and personal life.
Work and life can be challenging – develop resilience and a sense of well-being”

How I Can Help

Step Up

Are you ready to step up, to make the change? Are you feeling held back and needing motivation and direction?

If you want to thrive not just survive, then coaching can help you create possibilities and realise the potential you know you have.

Over ...

Overwhelmed, overthinking, over-anxious, overly busy, overly concerned about others?
Let’s explore new perspectives and develop techniques and strategies for calm, clarity, and confidence.

Under ...

Underachieving, feeling under the weather, low moods and low energy can destroy productivity and have an impact of those around you.

We can work together on renewed purpose and focus, so that you can experience joy in work and daily life.


Not knowing what to do, what direction to take or how to take the first step can be debilitating.

You can explore choices and learn strategies for making positive changes with confidential, supportive, and enabling coaching; for when you need it most.

About Me
  • Accredited ILM Executive Coach
  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming) Coach
  • Member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)
  • PhD in Adult Education and Learning
  • I am experienced at working remotely, using different technologies to connect.
  • Yn hyfforddi yn y Gymrag neu yn ddwyieithog
executive coaching

What I Do

Executive & Professional Coaching

Executive & Professional Coaching

Decision making, work/life balance, communication and professional relationships, job satisfaction, purpose – whatever the issues, coaching can help you face the future with clarity and confidence.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Work with me to achieve your goals and live life on purpose.  You can create possibilities and discover more ease and joy in your life

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

I am an experienced group coach and I bring training, facilitation, and coaching together to create a positive space for learning.  The insights, growth, and co-creation in groups can be powerful.

As an experienced team leader, I can work with organizations and teams to clarify vision, develop strategy, and support action.

See EVE for women’s groups on Wellbeing and personal growth.

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