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What is recovery coaching?

Perhaps most of us are recovering from something.  We might be recovering from the effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family, emotional neglect, a difficult adolescence, being misunderstood, isolation … the list goes on. Gabor Maté says that addiction (to anything) is a desperate attempt to avoid the pain we feel. This compounds the suffering and keeps up trapped – stuck with the pain.  


Our experiences create patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving are designed to protect us as a child – but as we grow, they create havoc with our lives – from being oversensitive or isolating to full blown self-sabotage, addiction and self-destruction.


Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. Eckhart Tolle 

The good news

We can recover from past experiences and their symptoms, and create a good life – one filled with happiness and peace.

My Recovery Coaching takes the best elements of integrated coaching and the best elements of a range of recovery programmes.  Recovery Coaching creates a safe space and  structure for you on your journey towards wholeness. It starts from where you are.

         The partnership is based on trust as we work and walk together.

ABC – simple not easy!

  • Acceptance
  • Belonging and Connection
  • Courage

These are key elements in Recovery Coaching, and they include a focus on:

Self-acceptance and compassion; self-esteem; relationships; responsibility; decisions and choices; understanding and dealing with pain and emotions (dysregulation); understanding triggers, good overall health; communication; confidence and clarity, and more …

Recovery is a path you don’t have to tread alone.

There is no one path – nothing works for everyone


In my 40s I discovered that I had Complex-PTSD, and that I had been running away from my pain into destructive behaviours and alcohol. I’m still on a recovery journey.

I always struggled with low self-worth and perfectionism (a combination that paralyses you). I self-sabotaged and was filled with shame and guilt; I threw myself into unhealthy relationships  – all of this is a recipe for misery.  I found it difficult to deal with feelings and emotions,  I was insecure, stressed  and I isolated a great deal.  I shudder to remember how it was. 

I stopped drinking over 20 years ago, but  some destructive patters remained. I became very stressed and ill at one point – it all caught up with me.  I was ill and miserable and so started  another phase of my recovery and growth.  I got in touch with my body and began.  I then trained as a coach, and here I am. 

You can learn and change – you can become who you were meant to be.

Complex PTSD and using alcohol or other substances

C-PTSD and Alcohol often go hand in hand, because of the need to numb the pain and escape from your feelings. This becomes a vicious cycle, nothing gets better and you become more disconnected. Life does not work for you – it’s a struggle.

My coaching is informed by different recovery programme and writing and research on this and on Complex-PTSD

Why coaching?

Each of us has a unique journey in life and in recovery, and the more support we have the better.

You might be thinking that you have a problem with alcohol, or you have been through a recovery centre/programme. You might have struggled with the symptoms of C-PTSD for years and want to change and learn new ways of living.

Coaching has some amazing strengths

  • It focuses on the present with an eye to the future (not closing the door on the past but the focus is here and now).
  • Structured around what you want to achieve.
  • Supportive and challenging.
  • Helps you develop good habits.
  • It takes place within a mutual and trusting relationship – everything is confidential.
  • My coaching integrates tools and techniques from areas including but not limited to:
    • Mindfulness
    • Positive psychology
    • Embodied work and breath
    • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

It’s your journey  

As a coach I am here to guide, and support you as you heal and recover. An experienced companion. 

The benefits of stepping into recovery are being realised daily by me and millions of others. Benefits include:  

  • A lightness and freedom from constant worry.
  • Fear will not dominate your life – you will feel secure and safe.
  • You will have peace of mind.
  • Know how to deal with people and difficult situations.
  • You will be able to set goals and work through plans.
  • Relationships will improve as you focus on others more.
  • You will develop clarity and be more focused and mindful.
  • Your health will improve.

This blog is just a quick introduction. Let me know what aspect of recovery you are interested in or a subject you would like me to deal with.

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