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Intention – a springboard to recovery

What is Intention?

Intention is a mental state. We are all familiar with it. It is a strong purpose or aim, that is accompanied by commitment and action to achieve a desired result.

We can have all sorts of different intentions such as … to have a brilliant career, to make money or to be happy for example. Or we can have some bad intentions such as the intention to seek revenge. We can intend to give up booze or sugar or ……. , start exercising  or using social media less. We  intend to one day to start …… (fill in the gaps). However, the focus of this blog and my work is the intention to heal and to become whole.

“Energy flows where you intention goes”, and from an energised intentional stance, a person can develop a focus and flow state.

And of course – if we don’t act on our intentions then where do they go? Where does the energy go? It dissipates, it goes off in all directions or distractions and if it doesn’t take us to hell, it can leave us in a bad place.

 “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Intent is similar to motivation. They both precede any activity, even if we don’t realize or acknowledge it.

The initial motivation or intention determines whether action is virtuous or non-virtuous, positive or negative.  Therefore, beginning with the right motivation or intention guarantees that your actions will move you in the right direction.

My intention as a coach

When I was doing my coach training, I argued with the assessor, because I often used the word ‘intent’ and he did not like it. For me, intention is vital.  My intention is to always be present for the person I am coaching and to work with them as an equal towards achieving positive change.

Positive change sounds vague – it is based on what the client wants but is usually linked to wellbeing, developing clarity and confidence, peace of mind and learning to connect – to themselves and to others. As a coach I support you to develop your courage, curiosity and compassion for self and others. We explore many things and each person and context is unique – the journey is similar though, and follows from intent, conscious or not.

An intent drives actions, attitudes, and approach. By knowing my intent, I can then modify my practice and articulate it to those I work with.


Your intention to recover and heal

When you come to coaching you will have some idea about what you want to achieve. You’ll have some goals in mind or a desire to change  – to become unstuck.

I knew I wanted to change, I was desperate to change so that life would be less of a struggle, and a lonely battle. I had an intention to change and to heal, and this is when my recovery journey began.

Being clear about your intention will help towards achieving goals

Our intent shines a light on our aims, and allows us to decide what to do

Often, intent is unconscious. Coaching helps bring it into awareness and allows you to decide what thoughts and beliefs and behaviours need to be changed. You can then articulate your intention to others so that the world around you begins to support you on your recovery journey.

Intent + awareness = commitment

Self-awareness is built on knowing your intent


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