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An Integrated Approach

All coaching is designed to suit your needs.

Learning is at the heart of my coaching. As you learn new ways of seeing things, of thinking and of acting you will change, and your life will change.

Techniques and tools will enable to you to gain equilibrium and develop resilience and emotional intelligence, so that you can gain clarity and motivation.

Some of the techniques I integrate into my coaching are NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming  and Somatic Coaching

Our Approach

Neuro – Neurology – the mind and how our thoughts affects us.
Linguistics – the impact of the language we use.
Programming – how we sequence our thoughts and actions – our patterns.  (might not keep this)

Somatic Coaching

Somatic coaching moves the centre of learning from the head to include the body, giving you access to all aspects of your intelligence—intellectual, emotional, and physical. It is embodied learning and deals with habitual patterns and habits we have developed over the years.

  • Coaching is outcomes orientated. You will notice results immediately – there will be positive, lasting change.
  • It is practical, focusing on understanding the present and creating your future. We do not need to analyse the past to get results.
  • We work together in a coaching partnership – it can be enjoyable and fun.
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