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Executive &

Professional Coaching

As a successful person you have many strengths and abilities; however, there are times when we need support to gain clarity and confidence. Perhaps new perspectives, renewed purpose and motivation will enable you develop in ways you had not thought of. 

I know that life can be complicated and demanding. Communication and managing people and projects, life work balanced and decisions and transitions are some of the areas I can help you with so that you can become the leader, business owner or professional you know you can be. 

Coaching & Support

Step Up

Are you ready to step up, to make the change? Are you feeling held back and needing that bit extra motivation and direction?

If you want to thrive not just survive then coaching can help you create possibilities and realise the potential you know you have.


Not knowing what to do, what direction to take or how to take the first step can be debilitating.

You can explore choices and learn strategies with supportive and enabling coaching, for when you need it most.


Overwhelmed, overthinking over-anxious, overly busy, overly concerned about what others think.

Let’s work through the issues, develop useful techniques and strategies for coping.


Underachieving, under the weather, low moods and low energy can destroy productivity and have an impact of those around you.

Together we can progressively help you focus, regroup and take joy in work and daily life.

Flexible & Focused

A range of support packages for right now, or for the long term. Coaching can be a ‘blended’ package, using a mix of online and face to face, phone and some online ‘tasks’. Packages are paid in advance or in two instalments.

6 Sessions

Solution Focused Coaching

A minimum of 10 hours face to face / online coaching.

Longer-term Coaching 

Long-Term Change

Coaching to support you through times of change and beyond.
Face to face and telephone and /or online coaching and support.

Bespoke Coaching

Whole Life Focused Coaching

A bespoke package that includes face to face and telephone and /or online coaching and support.

Let’s work together

At an initial discovery session we can talk through how best we can work together.

Arrange A Callback