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EVE – an invitation to connect to what really matters.

  • One-to-One Coaching for Women &
  • Wellbeing Courses and Groups (online and live!)
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One-to-One Coaching

It’s all about you.

It’s your agenda, your goals, your pace.

Whatever your reason for thinking of coaching – stuck, demotivated, unsatisfied in your work, need to make a decision, want more meaning and purpose, make a new start, issues with your health…. whatever it is coaching can help you discover clarity and gain confidence.

We work in a partnership – it involves commitment on both sides. I can be your companion as you learn, change and grow. I have a wide experience of working in different roles and sectors. I am a mother and grandmother.

EVE coaching takes an integrated and holistic approach, based on knowledge and practice from many disciplines and areas of knowledge.

Coaching yn Gymraeg hefyd

Eve Events

A small group of women come together to reflect, connect, share and learn.

You will have space and time to focus on yourself – your goals and priorities, your career, your wellbeing, and your life.

We identify important issues and explore future plans.

Past themes have included – EVE at work and EVE and Wellbeing.

Experienced coaches and educators lead you through enjoyable and interactive sessions and share tools and techniques so that you can get the best from your life – personal and professional.

Group coaching, fun exercises and activities, tips and techniques, sharing, and connecting.

EVE is informal and friendly. It’s all about YOU.

Get In Touch For A Chat – About One-To-One Coaching Or An EVE Event

You can enquire about EVE coaching using the contact form on this website.

You can visit the EVE LinkedIn page at

Or simply reach out to

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EVE Might Be For You If…

  • You want to make a change or a decision
  • Your career is unsatisfying
  • You are asking: there must be more to it than this?
  • You want to get healthy and happy
  • You want more confidence and self-esteem